Global Strategic Management Incorporated (GSMI) was established in 2005 in Michigan, USA. GSMI is a consortium of international experts of academicians, government officials, and business leaders living in countries all around the world.  GSMI helps governments, universities/academics, and businesses/industries around the world apply best practices in governance, business, information technology, …, to address global issues, achieve and sustain competitive advantage and improve quality of life/economic development. GSMI provides consulting services in the areas of  global business, international financial/capital investment, accounting, operations management, marketing,  information technology, ….


GSMI also to do the following:

  • Publish research papers in journals
  • Partner with financial institutions to finance projects in countries around the world
  • Publish books, including dissertations
  • Offer post-doctoral programs
  • Offer research fellowship programs
  • Offer master’s and doctoral programs

GSMI’s unparalleled services and overall value are why our customers keep returning. We look forward to your patronage.  

Global Strategic Management, Inc.
18141 Saxon Drive
Beverly Hills
Michigan 48025


Phone: + 1 248 798 5597